Jewelry Care

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Solid Gold
Jewelry care

Taking care of solid gold jewelry is easier than silver jewelry or gold plated and vermeil. Real gold jewelry never tarnishes or changes color due to contact with chemicals. However, there are some things you should pay attention to in order to ideally care for your gold jewelry.

  • Gold is naturally a soft metal. Consequently, it is easily scratched. To avoid scratching, take off them before doing anything that might damage your jewelry. For example, remove your ring before washing the dishes with your hands.
  • Keep your gold jewelry in a box that keeps them separate and prevents them from touching each other.

Sterling Silver
Jewelry Care

It is more difficult to take care of silver jewelry with or without gold plating.

  • Over time, sterling silver jewelry without plating changes color and will tarnish due to contact with air and water. But the good news is that they can be easily washed with soap, water, and a simple toothbrush to be as clean and shiny as the first day.
  • Gold-plated and vermeil jewelry is much more vulnerable. Compared to solid gold and 925 silver jewelry, they tarnish easily in a short time, and unfortunately, it is not possible to return the shine by washing. So you should be more careful in taking care of them. They should be kept away from contact with chemicals and hard objects. In addition, they should be taken off immediately after use and stored in a jewelry box.