Dana Dano

Amethyst Swan Necklace 12x8mm 10K Gold

This Amethyst Swan Necklace is calling you. A Gold Swan Necklace with Purple Amethyst is not only a beautiful piece

Blue Sapphire Ladybug Necklace 14x10mm 10K Gold

A Gold Blue Sapphire Ladybug Necklace is a versatile accessory that can be worn for a variety of occasions, from

Amethyst Kitty Necklace 16x9mm 10K Gold

This Gold Amethyst Kitty Necklace is unique in many ways. The combination of gold and amethyst creates a remarkable contrast

Crescent Moon Necklace 24 mm 10K Gold

The Crescent Moon is a timeless symbol of beauty and grace. A Gold Crescent Moon Necklace adds a touch of

Evil Eye Necklace 15mm 10K Gold

This Evil Eye Necklace serves as a style elevator due to its ability to complement a wide range of outfits.

Angel Necklace 21x20mm 10K Gold

Angels are often viewed as celestial beings associated with protection, guidance, and spirituality. But, this Gold Angel Necklace has a

Butterfly Sunbeam Square Necklace 15x15mm 10K Gold

This Butterfly Sunbeam Square Necklace stands out from most of the common necklace designs and draws attention to the wearer

Emerald Turtle Necklace 14x13mm 14K Gold

The symbolism and popular appeal of turtles and emeralds make the Emerald Turtle Necklace a timeless piece of jewelry that