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Clover Bracelet 10x10mm 10K Gold

This Clover Bracelet is as simple as possible meanwhile elegant and lovely

Clover Bracelet 5x5mm 10K Gold

The Clover design is distinctive and adds a unique beauty to your style. This Minimal Clover Bracelet is associated with

Paperclip Bracelet 3.3mm 10K Gold

Paperclip Bracelet is a timeless and not-go-wrong chain bracelet. The simplicity of the Paperclip Chain Bracelet adds a unique elegance

Crescent Moon Bracelet 10mm 10K Gold

The Crescent Moon Bracelet is usually associated with various symbolic meanings, including mystery, femininity, and the passage of time. Wearing

Evil Eye Bracelet 15x8mm 10K Gold

This Evil Eye Bracelet has become a trendy accessory. The Evil Eye symbol has a rich history across various cultures

Evil Eye Bracelet 8mm 10K Gold

This Evil Eye Bracelet not only enhances your style but also serves as a symbolic accessory that holds cultural and

Flat Figaro Chain Bracelet 3mm 10K Gold

Figaro chain bracelets have a classic and timeless design that never goes out of style.  That’s all about the Figaro

Leaves Bracelet 20x7mm 10K Gold

Leaves, being a symbol of growth and renewal in nature, can carry positive symbolism. Wearing this Leaves Bracelet signifies personal

Mariner Bracelet 10x7mm 10K Gold

The nautical theme often evokes a sense of adventure and exploration. Wearing a Mariner Bracelet symbolizes a love for travel,

Pave Heart Bracelet 8x7mm 10K Gold

This Pave setting of this Heart Bracelet involves closely placing small gemstones together, creating a continuous and sparkling surface. The