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Amethyst Earrings 10k gold

It’s said that Amethyst has always symbolized peace and calming energy. Also, it’s believed that Amethyst helps to relieve anxiety.

Bead Ring 3.2 mm

Bead Ring 3.2 mm is crafted in 10K Solid Gold. This beaded ring is an ever-shining piece of jewelry that

Bead Ring 3.5mm

Bead Ring 3.5mm handcrafted in 10K Solid Gold is a can’t-go-wrong ring, a ring for all seasons. It is highly

Black Clover Stud Earrings 10k Gold

Four-leaf clovers symbolize faith, hope, love, and luck. Regardless of the symbolic aspect, the clover is always trendy.

Bold Huggie Earrings 11mm

Bold Huggie Earrings come in two colors. Both are highly polished, shiny, and elegant. You can wear them singly or

BOX Chain Necklace 10K Solid Gold

BOX Chain Necklace 10K Gold is a durable, shiny, and elegant chain necklace that you can have forever. The thin

Cross Earrings 10k gold

Cross earrings show what you believe. Wear them every day, everywhere. It’s not just about religion, they’re beautiful.

Cross Ring 1.7mm

Cross Ring 1.7mm handcrafted in 10K Solid Gold and CZ. It can only be said that it is simple, stylish,

Diamond Cut Band 2.5mm

Diamond Cut Band 2.5mm is a textured ring made of 10K Gold, an everyday band you can wear anywhere, anytime.

Diamond Cut Bold Huggie Hoops 10k gold

These bold hoops with a modern minimalist design will never go out of fashion.