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Angel Necklace 21x20mm 10K Gold

Angels are often viewed as celestial beings associated with protection, guidance, and spirituality. But, this Gold Angel Necklace has a

Pave Ruby Heart Necklace 10x11mm 10K Gold

This Pave Ruby Heart Necklace given its strong associations with love and passion, makes a deeply meaningful gift. whether for

Evil Eye Necklace 8mm 10K Gold

Original price was: $165.Current price is: $132.
This evil eye necklace has a traditional design that maintains colors, simplicity, and elegance.

Ruby Ladybug Necklace 14x10mm 10K Gold

This Ruby Ladybug Necklace is eye-catching because it has gorgeous colors, shines brightly, and carries special meaning. Its elegance and

Tree of Life Necklace 14mm 10K Gold

This Tree of Life Necklace is not only a beautiful piece of gold jewelry, it conveys heartfelt messages. Trees grow

Hamsa Necklace 17.2×13.4mm 10K Gold

Original price was: $227.Current price is: $182.
Hamsa Necklace, it is said that Hamsa (also spelled Hamesh, Chamsa, and Khamsa) protects you from evil. Hamsa is an