Child care

Child care is the most important goal of this website. There are many scientific blogs on this website that can have a great impact on raising a child

New friends

New  friends The story started on the day that Dana and I were getting ready to go to the park. Since Dana liked to play

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Kitchen games

kitchen games How do you treat in the kitchen, When you have small children at home? Your safe place in the kitchen When you have

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Bed time stories

In this section, the stories of the night are located. This is a story for kids aged three to four.  The narrator of the story tells about the life and fascinating events of the wise and intelligent world.

Home trip

Home trip Daddy had gone on a trip. The kids were sad that they could not go with him. Daddy had promised to bring them

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New clothes

New clothes Mommy brought the basket of dirty clothes. Dana and Dano came to help. Dana said: “wait a moment” then she left and came

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Starry night

Starry night It was night. The electricity was out, and a small candle was lit on the table. Mommy and Daddy were sitting on a

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A lovely thing

That was Mommy’s birthday and the living room was full of colorful balloons. Dana and Dano were playing with them when Daddy took out the

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A Little Friend

A Little Friend It was night. Dana was playing in the living room when Daddy came out of his room with something in his hand.

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Picture book

 In this section, there are picture books from the world of Dana and Dano.  These photos are displayed on tablets and phones in a way that is clear and simple for children who can read.

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