New friends

New  friends

The story started on the day that Dana and I were getting ready to go to the park. Since Dana liked to play with the playground equipment easily we always went to the park earlier than usual. But, I guess on top of that, she was afraid of meeting other kids and that’s why she wanted to be alone in the park. We arrived at the park earlier than usual. However, the playground equipment was still empty. Dana, first of all, as always, was playing with the slides. But just then a little boy came and ran towards the slide. When Dana saw him, she waited for a while and then got down from the slide and immediately sat on the swing.

That red swing was Dana’s favorite swing, and she always rode it. After a while, another little girl came and stood next to the red swing. She told Dana to get off the swing because she wanted to ride. Dana pointed to another swing, a green one, and said, “It’s empty.” Go ride it.” But the little girl said that she wanted to play with the red swing. 

Dana continued to swing, but suddenly the little girl jumped in front of the swing and Dana immediately held the swing so that she wouldn’t hit her. She got off and came crying towards me and said: “Daddy, let’s go home.” I asked: “Why? We have just arrived…” She thought for a second and then said, “I don’t want to play anymore.” But her eyes were still on the playground equipment, and you could understand that she didn’t want to leave there. I took her hand and said: “Do you want to take a walk in the park?” Dana said: “Yes.”

“She didn’t do a good job,” Dana said sadly as we walked for a while. I said: “No. Of course, she didn’t do a good job, but why do you think it happened like that?” She did not say a word. I said, “Anyway, thank you for taking care of that little girl, Dana. You kept the swing in time.” I shook Dana’s hand, but she did not respond. It was a sign. I always shook their hands when we walked together. It meant that I like you, and you are important to me. “Let me see,” I said, “Do you want to hear a new story about the little bear?” Dana loves the adventures of the little bear. She listens to the stories with all her heart and enjoys them deeply. This time her eyes sparkled with happiness, and she nodded her head in approval.

I started telling the story about the little bear:

Once upon a time, the little bear went deep into the forest to play among the trees, but there he saw a little furry bear sitting under his favorite tree, which he always climbed. “Hey, that’s my tree,” said the little bear. 

The strange furry bear, as he was scratching his back with the tree, looked at the little bear and said, “No. its mine. This is the best tree I have used to scratch my back!”

“So have you come here before?” said the little bear.

The furry bear answered: “Of course, I have come. I always come in the evenings, but I have decided to come today in the morning.”

“But you have not climbed it. Han?” asked the little bear. 

“Of course, I have climbed,” said the furry bear.

“So have you seen up there too?” said the little bear.

“A thousand times, I love the view from the top of this tree,” said the furry bear.

The little bear was deeply absorbed in thought. He had never thought that his favorite tree would be someone else’s favorite tree. Whenever he came here, there was no one by the tree. I paused a little. Then Dana said, “The little bear must have been upset.” I said: “Likewise. He was very upset. But he didn’t know what to do.”

For both of us

I asked: “Who do you think the tree belonged to, Dana?”

Dana answered quickly: “Of course, the tree belongs to the forest.”

 I said: “Well done, now tell me, which one do you think was right?”

“Little bear,” said Dana. I said: “What about the furry bear? He also loved the tree very much.” Dana corrected her words and said: “The furry bear was right.” But she was still doubted. I said: “Can’t they both be right?” Dana said: “Can they?” I said:  “Of course, all animals could use that tree. Isn’t it?”

“So they both went up the tree together,” said Dana. I laughed and said: “But the tree could break like this.” Dana said: “Well, once the furry bear went up when who came down was the little bear’s turn.” I said: “Well done. They did the same.” 

“But the next day, when the little bear was going to play near his usual tree, he saw another tree on the way.”

Dana said: “Another big tree?” 

I said: “Yes, just as big and beautiful.” Then I continued: “The little bear became very happy. He climbed the tree, but after playing for a while, he got tired. Honestly, he had missed the furry bear. So, he walked towards his usual tree.” Dana clapped her hands and jumped up. She said: “He went to play with the furry bear.”

I said: “yes. Also, the furry bear was waiting for the little bear there. When they saw each other, they smiled and started playing. Now, except for the tree, they could play with each other.”

New friends

We were getting to the playground equipment. Some other children had come to play. Dana stopped. Seeing all those children, she was shocked. I said: “How do you think the little bear and the furry bear became friends? When did they become friends?” 

I shook her hand, she also shook mine. She smiled and ran to the playground. Dana paused a little near the red swing, and then said to the children, “I think this swing is the favorite of all three of us, right?” The children agreed. Dana said: “So, let’s ride it in turn.”

We didn’t have to go to the park at a specific time anymore. We did not have to go earlier than others. Dana was no longer afraid of new children. She knew that they could be her friends one day.


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