Kitchen games

kitchen games

How do you treat in the kitchen, When you have small children at home?

Your safe place in the kitchen

When you have small children at home, how do you treat in the kitchen? The kitchen is a space where you can spend hours in its smells, sounds, and tastes. You can work in peace, read a book while cooking, and listen to music while you cook. Cooking can be fun if you make it enjoyable.

How about when a child becomes your guest?

Clearly, let’s talk. You have a busy day ahead of you, for example. Many of the tasks you want to do are related to cooking, cleaning the kitchen, using electrical appliances, and packing food.

You’re going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. How do you handle this situation with your child? Your constant companion will participate in everything without leaving you alone for a moment. Is it possible?

Transfiguration of nature

Can you tell me what we can do so that our child does not prevent us from working? Is it also true that he enjoys cooking, that his creativity remains fresh, and that he does not put his health at risk?

Play. Yes, put away your sad face and go into another role. Playing is the key to entering the colorful and happy world of children. Take advantage of this blessing and explore the unknown. But, before that, let us say that you should first try to make your kitchen as safe as possible. Place electrical appliances and dangerous glass containers in upper cabinets.

With him, you can organize a kitchen appliance concert. Let him knock out the containers with different materials. Bring his attention to the sound of each device that is working.

Now that your child hears the sound of beans being poured into the pot, he wants to see what’s going on. Let him feel each seed and discover that each one sounds different. You can make different shapes with these seeds. Arrange in a line and ask the child to make other patterns, such as spiral or zigzag lines, depending on the child’s ability. Lastly, ask him to separate and separate the seeds, which are now mixed, with his little hands and put them back into the original container.

In the kitchen, you can create a special place for your child. A shelf for him. With a height that allows him to easily move things in it while standing in front of it. You can use wooden and plastic containers on this shelf. All kinds of bowls and plates, spoons, spatulas, and ladles. Let him know that this is your kitchen. Rearrange it after each use and take care of it.

Now listen to his voice. He is the one who is making gurgling noises with his mouth so that the imaginary food is cooked on his imaginary stove. Pay attention to the equipment arrangement. This is the model of his mental order, even though it appears chaotic to us. He comes forward step by step with you and imitates.

You will be invited to drink his tea and eat his food. Don’t forget to thank him for what he did and be hungry for his food.

Building plastic towers with containers taller than himself, he destroys them all and laughs. Like a car, he drags the plates on the ground, aligns them, and honks.

He is now calm and content with what he is doing. In spite of the competition between different devices, foods, and sounds, he knows that you still prioritize him. In this space, he finds himself happy.

If you do it, he will not need to scream or cry to get what he wants.

Is it possible to leave a child alone with this colorful shelf or other items for hours and expect everything to go smoothly? It’s not. It doesn’t take more than ten minutes for the children to play the game. It doesn’t matter how many items there are, everything will quickly become normal. The same applies to all of us, especially to children. The problem is that we know how to entertain ourselves, but children don’t. Soon after that, he will get up and say, “Mom, I’m bored.” Come and play with me!

Therefore, the magic of bowls and plates, the ones that became the most attractive toys when mom got her hands on them, will soon become ineffective and you have to look for a new game. Another kitchen game! But, don’t doubt that spending so much patience was worth it. You have helped make your child’s world bigger today. You will have a creative child who is confident in his abilities. When he grows up, he is not afraid of problems because he knows that there is always a solution.

We all know that children are temporary guests in our home. Please be patient and creative so that you both have fun at this party.


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