Starry night

Starry night

It was night. The electricity was out, and a small candle was lit on the table. Mommy and Daddy were sitting on a sofa and playing chess. Also, the kids were sitting next to the wall and were bored.

The drawing books and crayons were lying on the floor and some books were left open. Mommy got up and left.

Dano looked at the wall and saw the shadow of their heads created by the candle light. When he got up, a big shadow was cast on the wall. He said to Dana: “Oh, look, I’ve grown up. Now I’m a big Dano.” and laughed. Then Dana got up and said: “I have grown up too,” and waved her hands. He took Dano’s hand and said: “Now we are mountains,” And she climbed the mountain with her other hand.

Dano made a fist with his free hand. Then he brought his folded index and middle fingers, and said: “I am a mouse running on the mountain.” The kids laughed and separated their hands. Daddy got up and came to the kids with a flashlight. Then he lit on the opposite wall. The wall became like a movie screen, and the shadows became clearer. The children clapped and jumped up and down. Dano made the shape of an elephant with his fingers, and Dana made the face of a crocodile.

Mommy arrived. Daddy turned the light towards her. Mommy brought the tray of cake and milk and smiled. Daddy and Dana approached Mommy, but Dano was still standing there, staring at the wall in surprise and pointing with his hand to see there. 

The whole wall and ceiling were filled with stars. Daddy, who realized that the stars were the reflection of the sequins on Mommy’s dress, shook the light on Mommy’s dress and the stars moved. Everyone was laughing. The kids danced and said we live in the stars. The kids hugged their mom.


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