New clothes

New clothes

Mommy brought the basket of dirty clothes. Dana and Dano came to help. Dana said: “wait a moment” then she left and came back with her white clothes. There was a soup stain on it. She threw the clothes into the washing machine. Dano also left and came back with his red pants. The bottom of the pants was a little muddy. He threw it in the washing machine. Mommy closed the washing machine door, poured liquid detergent into the machine, and set the program. The kids looked at Mommy’s work carefully and curiously. Mommy pressed a button and the washing machine started working.

Mommy left, but Dana and Dano sat watching the washing machine. Dano imitated the washing machine sound. He turned, shook, and made funny noises. They both laughed. Dana put her hands on the bubbles that were stuck to the machine door. Dano looked at the buttons. He pressed a button and liked the sound of it and laughed. Dana also looked and she pressed another button. The lights on the machine went on and off and the kids loved it.

When they heard the finishing sound of the washing machine, they jumped forward. Dana tried to open the door, but could not. Mommy arrived and opened the machine door herself. Hot steam came out. Everyone was surprised. The kids took out the warm clothes and put them in the basket. Dana said: “So where is my white shirt?” Dano also said: “And my red pants?” They looked in the clothes but did not find anything. Dano burst into tears. Dana looked at the washing machine angrily and said: “He ate my beautiful dress.” Mommy laughed and pointed to the flashing light on the machine. She asked: “Did you touch these buttons?” Dana and Dano looked at each other with concern and nodded in agreement. The kids were sorry.

Mommy said: “Do you want to do an experiment?” The kids got happy. Mommy filled two glasses of water and put them on the table. She also took two small cans from the shelf and gave them to Dana and Dano. She told the kids to pour some liquid from the can into the water. Dana opened the red can and poured some of that into a glass of water. Amazingly, the whole water in the glass turned red. Dana looked at Mommy and Dano with surprise.

Then Mommy gave the blue can to Dano and asked him to pour some of that into another glass of water. When Dano poured that into the water, the whole water turned completely blue. Dano said: “Wow”. Then Mommy said: “Now, mix these two glasses.” So, Dano poured his glass into Dana’s glass. The color of the water turned purple. Dana and Dano laughed happily and jumped up and down.

Mommy said: “Did you see what happened? Now, go and look for your clothes again.” Dana and Dano looked at the clothes basket. Dana took off a pink shirt and said: “It is very similar to my shirt. Is it mine?” Dano did not find anything and got upset. Dana took off the purple pants and said: “This looks a lot like your red pants. Isn’t it?” Dano looked surprised. Mommy said: “Well, kids; now you have new clothes.” The kids laughed and jumped up and down with their new clothes.

Dana said: “But where did the blue color come from?” Mommy took her shirt out of the basket and stood in front of her. She said: “From here.” The shirt was too pale. Dano said: “Is this yours?” Mommy nodded sadly and confirmed. The kids hugged Mommy. Dana said: “I promise not to touch the keys on the washing machine again.” Dano also nodded. Mommy kissed them both. She said: “Let’s see what happened to the rest of the clothes.” She got up, but Dana and Dano didn’t move and just looked worriedly at the clothes basket. Mommy got to the clothes basket and said: “Hello, new clothes.” Dana and Dano laughed. They looked at each other, and then ran to the basket.


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