A Little Friend

A Little Friend

It was night. Dana was playing in the living room when Daddy came out of his room with something in his hand. He put binoculars on the table and went back to his room. Dana approached the table and looked curiously. He reached out to take it but regretted it. She said under his breath: “I will give it a little look and then put it back.”

Dana carefully picked up the binoculars and looked through them. The hands of the clock on the opposite wall were right in front of her eyes. She enjoyed seeing everything up close. Binoculars in her hand turned to see more, their books on the shelf, a toy airplane, a wall of her own and Dano’s paintings, etc.

She brought the binoculars down and saw the sofas. Then her eyes fell on the pieces of biscuits that had fallen on the floor. She followed the biscuit pieces and saw Dano sitting on the floor. Dano was talking to the ants and giving them biscuits. Dano loved talking to ants. But did he share his food with them every time? Did the ants eat them? Yes, definitely they ate. They even ate food completely and told their friends to come, then a black line of ants walked on the ground, and the end of the black line reached Dano. “Hey Dano, look at me,” Dana called her brother. Dano raised his head. His big round eyes could be seen through the binoculars, staring curiously at Dana. “Don’t be afraid,” Dana said. Come here and see this. I found it myself.” They sat on the sofa and put the binoculars on the back edge of the sofas.

Dano looked at the binoculars from one eye and Dana from the other eye. They turned the binoculars towards the kitchen. Mommy was making pasta. The pasta was slipping into the dish. Dano swallowed loudly. A string of pasta fell to the floor, but Mommy didn’t care to pick it up. The kids brought the binoculars down to look at it, and just then a gray thing passed in front of their eyes. The kids brought down the binoculars entirely and looked at each other. “What was that?” Dana said. “What was that?” Dano said and laughed. 

“I’ll find him,” Dana said. She held the binoculars in front of her face again and turned them around the house. Once she saw Daddy’s face standing in front of her and looking at her. Daddy looked angry. Dana immediately lowered the binoculars and said, “I’ll put it away now.” Daddy laughed and said, “I think you’d better do it because I need it for tomorrow.” Dana said: “May I look at it again? I saw something in it.” Daddy approached and said, “What did you see?” “A small thing passed by quickly,” said Dana. Daddy took the binoculars and looked but didn’t see anything. He gave the binoculars to Dana. Dana lay down and looked at the floor with the binoculars. Once she saw a mouse eating a biscuit by the wall. Dana said, “Wow, Dad.” I found it. Daddy, who had seen the mouse himself, said: “Mommy is afraid of mice and should not see it.” “What shall we do now?” said Dana.

“Dano, wait,” Mommy said from the kitchen. “Why do you take the cheese? Dinner is coming.” 

Dano was going after the mouse with a piece of cheese but suddenly Daddy stopped him. He asked Dano to bring his lorry toy. Daddy put the cheese in the lorry and told Dana to push that close to the mouse. When the mouse smelled the cheese, it jumped into the lorry and started eating. Daddy pushed the lorry slowly and took it outside the house. “Goodbye, my friend,” Dano said. The mouse also waved to Dano. But is it possible for a mouse not to move when it sees a person? Yes, it would, the mouse was very hungry. He even understood Dano’s language. Dano went behind the window and said to the mouse, “But I wanted to give you pasta…”

 Mommy put the dish on the table and said: “Dano, who did you want to give pasta to?” “Nothing,” Dano muttered “To a little friend.”

 As the kids were having dinner, they saw the mouse holding a string of pasta in its mouth and eating it bit by bit. Dana and Dano looked at each other and laughed.


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