Home trip

Home trip

Daddy had gone on a trip. The kids were sad that they could not go with him. Daddy had promised to bring them a special souvenir when he back home.

The promised day arrived. Daddy backed home. He really brought something special to the kids. That thing was inside a dark-colored bottle. Daddy put the bottle on the table. Dana and Dano approached and stared at it. Dana said: “This really looks strange.” Dano said: “yes”

Dana picked it up and shook it. She said: “Listen.” and shook the bottle again.

Daddy asked: “Did you understand what it was?” Dano answered: “No, but I like the sound of it.”

Dano came closer and smelled the bottle. He said: “It is like the smell of the sea.”

Dana looked at Dano curiously. She said: “Let me see.” Then she also smelled the bottle and said that Dano was right. “Maybe… maybe it fell off the pirate’s ship. I saw something like this in cartoons.” Dano was confused. Dana asked: “Daddy, where did you get this?”

Daddy said: ” Both of you were almost right.” Dano immediately said: “Is it the sea?” and Dana said: “Eh, pirates?”

Daddy smiled and hugged them both. He said: “My dears, I just brought it from the sea.”

Dana said: “Can I open it?” Daddy said: “Yes for sure. But just wait a moment.” Daddy went and brought some big cardboard. He told Dana: “Now empty the bottle here.” Dana emptied the bottle onto the cardboard. She said happily: “Wow, this is sand.” Dano approached Dana. They started playing with the sand. Dana said: “Let’s build a castle together, Dana. Please give me more sand.” Suddenly, Dano found an oyster under the sand. He said: “Oh, look at this.” Dana took that and told Dano: “This is very beautiful. How did you find it?”

Dano said: “It was right here.” Dana asked: “Are there any more of these?” And she started looking for it. But she could not find any more. 

Daddy looked at Dana and Dano and said: “OK, there is no problem.” You can play together. Dana said: “OK, let’s hide it and then find it again, Dano. Close your eyes and count to five.”

Dano did the same. Dana hid the oyster under the sand. Then she said: “Open your eyes, Dano.”

Dano looked for that and soon found the oyster. Dana was confused. She said: “But I had not put that there.” Dana pointed to the other side.  She took the oyster that was on her side and looked at the oyster that was in Dano’s hand. Then she said: “Is this another one? Great” She laughed with joy. Then put her oyster in her hand and said: “I want to keep it for myself. What do you say, Dano?” Dano said: “I also want to keep it.”

Mommy came and threw a picnic blanket on the floor. She laughed and said: “If this is the beach, we also came for a picnic.” The kids jumped up and down. Mommy asked: “Who wants juice?” Dano said: “I want.” “So do I” Dana said.

At that moment, Daddy went to his closet. He said: “If this is the beach, I need my hat.” Then he put his sun hat on and said: “It’s better now.” Everyone laughed.

Dana said: “I want to wear sunglasses. She laughed and went to her room to get it.”

Dano said: “Mommy, can we go somewhere else? A new place” Mommy said: “Where do you want to go, dear?”

Dano said: “I will tell you later, Mommy. I will be right back.” He ran to his room. He shouted on the way, I need my warm clothes. It must be very cold there. Don’t you see my little penguin, Dana?

Mommy and Daddy laughed.


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