A lovely thing

That was Mommy’s birthday and the living room was full of colorful balloons. Dana and Dano were playing with them when Daddy took out the cake from the fridge and put it on the table and left.

There was a cream cake on top with chocolate hearts. The kids let go of the balloons and stared at the cake. Their mouths were watering. Dano reached out his hand to eat some creams, but Dana immediately stopped him immediately.

Kids sat together under the table and stared at the cake. They said; we only try it once, just once! At that moment, they saw something else placed on the table next to the cake. Daddy brought a gift box. Dana and Dano looked at it in surprise. “What is that?” Dano asked. “Let me see,” Dana said and shook the box. “Let me try,” then brought it close to his ear. Both were curious.

Just then, Daddy returned to the room and saw the kids’ curiosity. He smiled and said, “What’s going on?” Dano put the box back on the table. They said: “We want to know what is inside this box?” “It’s a lovely thing, from me to your Mom,” said Daddy. “A lovely thing?” the kids repeated curiously. “Yes, Something that your mom would be happy to see,” said Daddy.

The kids thought. “So what about us?” asked their father. “I don’t have anything to give Mommy,” Dana said sadly. Dano said: “I also want to give Mommy a gift.”

“Well, let me see, you can draw for mom. How is it?” said Daddy.

Dana and Dano immediately said: “No!” They were bored by Daddy’s suggestion.

They showed the wall of the house full of paintings that they had given to their mother earlier.

“Then what?” said Daddy. “A lovely thing,” said Dana and Dano together. Their eyes sparkled and then they went to their rooms laughing. Dana looked in her room. Finally, she took her favorite doll. Dano also took his favorite toy car. Each of them put their gifts in a box and returned them to their father. Daddy took the boxes and shook them. He said, “What are these?”

“Daddy, you should listen to them,” Dana said enthusiastically. Daddy put his ear on the box.

“I am Dana’s doll, the loveliest doll in the world ” Dana said slowly from behind the box, and then she laughed. Dano also brought his box forward and said: “Daddy, Daddy, listen to this too.” His father put his ear on his box. Then Dano said: “that I am Dano’s car, the loveliest car in the world and laughed.”

Daddy put the boxes on the table and laughed. The kids looked at him in surprise. “But my dears,” said Daddy, “these are your dearest things, not your mother’s”

Dana said sadly: “So Mommy doesn’t like my doll? Why,”

Daddy said: “But there are other things she might like more.” Kids thought and said under their breath, “for example, what things?”

Dana jumped and said: “I understand! Mommy loves headbands. Whenever she is happy, she goes in front of the mirror, combs her hair, and puts one of her headbands on her hair. But they are old. She would definitely like a new headband.

“But Mommy loves flowers,” Dano said. “I saw that she buys flowers whenever she is happy. If I give her a flower bouquet, she will be happy.” Dano continued.

“But now how can I find a new headband,” Dana said. Dano said: “and how can I find a bouquet of flowers?” Dana looked at the window where the sun was setting, and said: “Mommy is coming now, isn’t she?” “I have a thought,” said Daddy.

Daddy told Dana to go and bring Mommy’s old headband. Then they all went to the yard together. Daddy picked some flowers from the garden and attached them to Mommy’s old headband. “Wow, a crown,” Dana said. “A wreath,” Dano said cheerfully.

They saw Mommy coming from the end of the street. The kids looked behind their father and started laughing. When Mommy came, she said, “Let me see what’s going on here?” What did you hide?” “A lovely thing,” said the kids, jumping forward. “Happy birthday Mommy” they put the wreath on Mommy’s head and hugged her.


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